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See what other people are saying about our North Ridge apartments! At North Ridge Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


I absolutely love living at North Ridge Apartments. The location is perfect and the staff is extremely kind and always willing to go the extra mile to help the residents. Any maintenance requests are done in a timely manner and when we have questions we can always call and count on the staff being informative and supportive. The apartments are affordable, clean and very spacious. The staff is very good at communicating what’s happening in the complex and all the improvement projects they have going on.


Quiet neighborhood and great location by a park great for families with little ones. During the winter if it snows sledding down the hill is a experince worth making.


Management and staff are prompt to respond and friendly. The complex is quiet and clean and I feel secure living here. Quick trip to Hillsboro, Beaverton and just off US-26 for a short trip into Portland or west to the beaches. Pet Friendly.


We have lived here for a year and a half. It’s been a decent place to live and we love the area. We feel very safe and end up going on evening walks several times a week. The maintenance staff are fairly responsive, fixing any issues we have in a day or two. Always have plenty of parking. No real complaints.


I just passed 3 years as a resident of North Ridge Apartments and am pleased to be here. Convenience is the word I use when thinking of my time here from an easy payment portal online, fast acting as well as thorough and professional maintenance crew, strong communication from management and friendly interactions, close to the highway, laundry in unit, and parking/mail is generally not an issue either. As a little thing too, I like that there's a recycling bucket next to the mail area...super helpful. My only issues, albeit it fairly minor, have been with the delivery of goods...whether food/groceries, and occasionally even mail packages being put on the wrong address doorstep. Pretty sure Amazon gifted a neighbor recently with a new floor fan I purchased. It got replaced though and in this heat lately, I suppose I can't blame them for keeping it haha. Unfortunately every unique building has the same apartment numbers and if you have a confused driver or lazy person, they stop at the first apartment building reflecting your unit number paying no mind if its the right building...its happened more times than I'd like. But I'm diligent on delivery instructions and most get it right. Smaller complaint: pay attention to the garbage days...the dumpsters seem to fill up quite often. Noise is louder in summertime but even then not a nuisance...there's a park/playground area nearby and being on the 3rd floor, I don't get a lot of parking lot stuff coming through. You get used to the traffic off Cornelius Pass Road...doesn't bother me but I know others have mentioned it. I don't have outdoor pets or kids so I can't comment on the conveniences for them other than that its dog-friendly. What I like most as stated above is it's convenient, affordable, LOVE the long term leasing option, and the communication from the staff. I would rather have a notice on my door daily if need be than be thrown off by random changes in the complex. The communication is very important and appreciated. I also feel safe and that's up there on the list obviously of a requirement for me. I don't worry about car break-ins, home break-ins, being followed in the parking lot...nothing. Its a good feeling. Now if we could get elevators and valet garbage..., that'd be awesome but I'm reaching and asking only as a person on the 3rd floor haha


We have been here for almost a year and I really do enjoy it. We have had to reach out to the complex for several things since we moved in, however, the issues could have arose in any apartment or complex. That’s not worth a complaint in my opinion. What is most important is that between the office staff and maintenance team, they been timely, friendly and have worked to resolve things as quickly as possible. 👍


Wonderful apartments! Adrianna the manager and the maintenance staff are fantastic. Great service and nice units.





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